Friday, October 14, 2016


Last weekend it was Shedfest 2016 in Livingston.  We moved from our usual Shedfest venue in Dave Paterson’s shed to Rob Pooley’s new shed which can accommodate a 12ft by 6ft table.  Dave did all the arranging as usual providing breakfast, lunch and pizza for dinner.  He also provided all the 15mm troops for our early period Sudan wargame and the scenario.  I think he was still basing the figures up to the previous evening. 

There were 8 players with Dave acting as the umpire.  I played the commander of one of the British infantry brigades.  We played the game twice with the British gaining a marginal then a more decisive victory.  We used Black Powder rules at 66% scale.  It gave a good, enjoyable and simply understood game.  Here are some photos - a few problems with the low October sun here.

View down the table - in distance besieged Atbara, in centre the vital British objective the sweet water well

British right wing facing the massed hordes of Madhist cavalry - look to your right men!

Dave the exhausted organiser taking some much needed liquid refreshment.

Dervish hordes threatening to flank the Highlanders

Highland brigade facing the Dervish Ferocious Charge.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


In the past 3 months I have added more troops to my Napoleonic collection.  I have added another 2 brigades each of 4 battalions of Russian infantry plus some Spanish/Portuguese staff officers and a Prussian fusilier command.

The Russian figures are the ready painted ones from South Africa and I added some more shading and rebased them.  The Russian flags come from the excellent Napoleon rules Russian flag download.  The Spanish staff and Prussians were painted for me by Kevin Bowman of the Falkirk and District club.

Russian Line infantry - the Galitz or Estonia Regiments

Spanish or Portuguese staff

Prussian fusilier command - Frontrank figures

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I was at the SESWC last Thursday for a FIW game using Muskets and Tomahawks.  The game was the siege of Fort William as I provided the fort.  Angus Konstam and Jack Glanville provided all the figures.  On the British side Michael was defending the fort whilst I commanded the relief column of British regulars, provincials and rangers.  Derek commanded the French troops besieging the fort whilst Jack commanded an Indian force facing the relief column and also engaging the fort.  Angus acted as the umpire.

My relief column got no more than 15" onto the table in fact the elite grenadiers and provincials both retired almost of the table.  The French and their Indian allies had just broken into the fort when night fell (special event).  The darkness forced my relief column to fall back into a defensive position.  It was a clear French victory.

As I forgot my camera the photos come from Campbell Hardie's phone.

Fort William - did the defenders remember to close the gate?

Overview of the table - relief column came on via the track on the right

Indians engaging the column with their captive old mother Simpkins who I had to rescue as a subplot.

French infantry engaging the fort
Michael and Angus have put more detailed accounts on their blogs - links below

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I was at Falkirk and District Wargames Club for a game this week.  Dave Paterson has been busy rebasing a huge collection of 15mm Colonial figures that he bought.  He is about half way thru the project so we decided to give the Madhists an outing against an Anglo-Egyptian force.
Madhist centre with skirmishers in the village

Madhist right wing.  Proved to be cautious troops made 1 move in 3 turns!

The isolated Egyptian brigade - got flanked but broke their Madhist opponents

We used Black Powder with the amended turn sequence.  It was a very enjoyable game.  Two of my three Madhist commands failed to move on the first 2 turns.  My left wing force however advanced quickly and engaged the Egyptian brigade who though in a very bad position broke the Madhist command!  My right wing command managed finally to move and engaged the combined British Naval and Rifle brigade and wiped them all out.  Even with their Stoic rerolls.  At that point we declared the game a draw.

Centre - Madhists finally charge home on the British line and break!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Once again the show will soon be here at the Granton Campus of Edinburgh College.

I forgot to take any photos at the show but here is a link to Angus Konstam's blog report

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Here are some more photos from my visit to the now closed Firepower Royal Artillery Museum Woolwich.  They are photos of the main artillery hall and it's first floor area.

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Friday, July 15, 2016


As I said in my first RAF Hendon post I also got to the Royal Artillery Firepower Museum at the old Woolwich Arsenal when I was in London. Glad I got there as it closed on 8th July and at some future point will reappear in Wiltshire. So some photos from that visit below.  More to follow...

German 7.7cm Field Gun

French 75mm

Z type single shot AA Rocket launcher

Prototype Burney 7.2 inch RCL

Amazing looking South Indian mortar

The Wolf of Mafeking

British 18pdr mark II